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Sales & Business Development ~ Product & Brand Innovation

Retail ~ Consumer Products ~ B2B/B2C

“Barney is the most capable, credible, genuine and persuasive business development and sales professional I’ve ever worked with... or met for that matter.” 

“Barney has a special gift for communicating the value of innovative products and services and has opened up many new opportunities for us. His follow through skills are exceptional, as is his ability to establish trust and rapport. Plus, he has the kind of wry sense of humor that keeps everything in perspective.” 

"Barney is full of imaginative ideas that are sure to take any company to the next level through understanding how to speak to their core consumer with maximum impact. His insight has been invaluable!"

“(We) would not be where we are today without him. We would recommend Barney to any company, except our direct competitors of course!”

     “His ability to juggle multiple projects, duties and personalities under pressure was unlike any I’ve seen before. Each move he made was deliberate and intentional in driving revenue and increasing market share. Not to mention, he is a wealth of knowledge and eager to jump in to mentor and help at any point”

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About Us

Our Experience


Sales Expertise: Deep x Wide = Lots!
Based in New York City for 20+ years providing hands-dirty sales and business development consulting and services to companies and brands in consumer goods, retail, food, hospitality, retail tech, ... from start-ups to Fortune 500 retailers and brands.
Before that we were hands-dirty executives and entrepreneurs... in start-ups to Fortune 500 retailers and brands.

We've learned the best practices and seen the worst practices and over time have developed resources, tools, techniques and processes based in real world application, not theory. Business and Product Innovation

Our Approach

Einstein discovers time = $.
Business development 

Fractional: The Best Team for Less

Access the best team, scalable to your need and the opportunity at a fraction of the cost and without the challenges of hiring and managing an internal team. And our group of professionals are a seamless team and will operate seamlessly with yours. 

Time = Money

We don't work at the speed of light but time is valuable and we don't waste any! 

     "I have been impressed by the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Being willing is not enough; We must Do.“

 Leonardo da Vinci 

Why Us?


Competence + Character = Trust

  • manifest (verb): to make clear or evident to the eye or understanding 
  • facilitate (verb): make easy or easier 
  • expedite (verb): make happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly 
  • innovate (verb): make changes through new methods, ideas, or products 
  • experience (noun): practical knowledge or skill derived from direct experience 
  • resource (noun): a source of information or expertise 

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